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MEMBER ACTIVATION Activate and manage party member engagement

Powerful party member and network engagement toolbox with effective member engagement tools, individual activity tracking and engagement leaderboards

  • Engagement Tools

    Empower publications with the engagement toolbox – subscribe, feedback, share, comment, and many more

  • Leaderboards

    Identify and display engagement leaderbords to motivate and reward party members and party network

  • Opinion Leaders

    Identify top influencers based on engagment points

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POLITICAL TOOLS Transform network engagement easily into political power

Easy to configure features for more political power - for collecting donations, for growing petition supporter lists or for collecting signatures

  • Donations

    Configure and connect your own payment engagement tool for your political movement

  • Petitions

    Configure petition forms and mobilize the political community for online support

  • Signatures

    Launch political campaign and collect signatures with prepaid signature forms

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APPLICATIONS Re-publish easily across national, regional and local party entities

Cross-application content collection and publishing with separated contact management across different party levels and entities

  • Collections

    Listen and collect content from other political party applications, e.g. national to regional party news boards

  • Cross-Publication

    Re-publish manually or automatically on regional or local political party levels

  • App Contacts

    Maintain contact souvereinity while activating same content across different party member networks

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NEWS HUB Manage political party news more efficiently

Fully integrated news hub functionality for efficient content creation and cross-channel publishing via webpage portals, newsletter, social media and more

  • Publications

    Easily control all common publication types centrally - newsletters, articles, videos, etc.

  • Authors

    Request content from party members and partners and manage the curating process from one place

  • Collections

    Collect relevant content from Social Media, Hashtags, etc. and republish it in party portals

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MEMBER INTERACTION Encourage and track more political network interaction

Engaging interaction toolbox that nurtures member and network activities and tracks all interactions continuously

  • Comments

    Engage party members in a commenting dialogue based on publications

  • Feedback

    Gather feedback from party members and display specific live ratings, comments, and more

  • Activities

    Track all party member activities such as visits, shares, subscriptions, comments, etc. in a live activity timeline

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