Customer Experience Map

From a vision of the customer experience to an actionable plan

Do you lack an overview of your company?

In daily business, the individual teams often only work within their area of responsibility. This involves trying to guide the potential customer through a funnel. However, the customer himself does not move linearly through a funnel and also jumps back and forth between the individual funnels. He perceives the company as a whole. Many companies lack this view.

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Growing through customer centricity

The map breaks down the silos of individual teams and enables a holistic view of the customer journey. The map is used to uncover optimization potential and identify blockages.


Revenue growth*


Increase customer conversion*

Delivery results

Customer Experience Map

Includes the complete customer journey across departments with a wealth of relevant information.

List of measures

An extensive list of measures prioritized in clusters according to effort and urgency.


Ensuring the transfer of practice by means of a clear roadmap, which is created on the basis of the most important learnings.

Example Customer Expierence Map

How the CX Map can help you

Without map:

Q No overall view

Q No customer centricity

Q No measures overview

Q No prioritization

Q No uniform target image

With Map:

R Clear «Big Picture»

R Focus on the customer

R Structured list of measures

R Clear prioritization

R Understandable target vision

Free template for optimizing the customer experience

Looking for an easy-to-use template to help you visualize and optimize your company’s customer experience?

Our template offers you a simple way to display the steps and touchpoints of your customers at a glance and identify optimization potential.

Growth with a clear plan through customer focus.

Put your customer in the center and uncover optimization potentials in your company.

Proven approach with fast results

Our field-proven approach enables a detailed CX Map within 4 – 8 weeks. With the help of interviews, collected industry experience and a workshop (optional: incorporation of analytics data), a complete picture of your company emerges.


We create your CX map

Markus Koch
CCO, Co-Founder

Customer Experience Strategy and Roadmap

Renato Peter
CEO, Co-Founder

ICT Architecture Strategy

Patrick Müller
Digital Experience Consultant

CX mapping, processes, benchmarking and measures

One service, many benefits for different people in the company


Obtaining a «Big Pictures» from the customer’s point of view about the complete company.

Starting point for: Process analysis

Marketing Manager

Understand how new projects (e.g. website) integrate into the existing landscape.

Starting point for: Requirements analysis


Understand what the systems are used for and be able to derive the overarching requirements.

Starting point for: System architecture

Romano Caviezel

“As a top club, ZSC has the ambition to be a leader in digitally supported fan experience. This requires a well thought-out game plan in the form of a fan experience roadmap and effective tools off the ice as well. In Powerplay, together with yawave, we create groundbreaking fan experiences.”

Romano Caviezel
CFO & CTO, ZSC Lions

Understand what your customers want.

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* Resource: McKinsey