The User Interaction Suite for Associations

Membership acquisition for associations and organizations with an association structure.

News Hub

Communicate and receive feedback from your association members and prospects, efficiently from a central hub:

  • Centralized control, creation and distribution of all content (website, blog, social media, etc.)
  • Content distribution at the push of a button or with schedulable function for automated publishing


Enable your members to follow events like association meetings live:

  • Easily transfer prepared content from the Content Hub
  • Drive interactions on the liveblog (conversions, feedback, forms, etc.)
  • Market liveblog events


Ensure that communication is not just one-way:

  • Easy creation of engagement tools
  • Extensive toolset (forms, feedback, payment, sharing, subscribe, etc.)

Stronger together – achieve better results for your members.

Keep track of association and members.

Manage, automate and analyze your content and user interactions in one place.

Member CRM

Central contact database with comprehensive data on interactions and preferences, central permission policy according to GDPR. Alignment with third party CRMs is possible.


Automatic follow-ups, segmentations and messages based on member activities.


Valuable insights on association members and the performance of your content help you continuously improve your association presence.

Event publication

With yawave, you can create landing pages for association activities in no time and thus increase your registration numbers:

  • Easy integration of interaction tools (e.g. registrations, purchases)
  • Set capacity limits
  • Display conversions in real time (e.g. current number of registrations)