yawave User Interaction Suite

With our solution, you link content and community. The result: more interactions, more leads, more transparency.

Your communication is a one-way street?

If you publish content but want more interaction, yawave is for you. Our solution simplifies your communication, helps you with content creation and builds a loyal, active community.

For a lively community

We connect content with data and give you the tools for more interactions with your target audience.

user interaction suite
yawave User Interaction Suite

Content Hub →

Become a power publisher yourself: create, manage and publish content across all channels.

User Hub →

A new home for your users: from user portals to loyalty programs to data management.

Create and publish content

Content Hub

Content is the basis of all communication. You bundle it centrally and efficiently in the Content Hub. There you create articles and publish them on all relevant channels such as website, social media, liveblog or newsletter.

Website Publishing

Publish content directly to the website – without switching to the CMS.

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Social Media Publishing

Easily manage all relevant social media channels from one place.

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Powerful email marketing software with automation on board.

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Strengthen interactions and community

User Hub

A company doesn’t need an audience, but an active and loyal community. Through enriched contact data, you create personalized and relevant content for your users. Our contact management, user portal and loyalty program help you do this. So that you get the community you deserve.

Contact management

Bundle and analyze user data from a wide range of channels in one place.

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User Portal

The new home of your user. Configurable login area for personalization.

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Loyalty Tool

Integratable loyalty tool for stronger user retention and more conversions.

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User Interaction

Broad toolset to choose from such as forms, feedback and payment tool.

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A strong team

FC Luzern and yawave

Read in our case studies how we make our customers even more successful.

Case Study →

FCL was looking for a simple, efficient, yet comprehensive software solution to facilitate engagement with its fans and build lasting loyalty.

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Digital reach



In our case studies we show you how we make our customers even more successful.

Your community. Your content. Your conversions.