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Data-Driven Experience Platform

Generate real-time user data and personalize the experience for more relevant interactions, increased engagement, and higher loyalty.

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The cycle for more success

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Collect user data, derive ideas for measures from it and implement them consistently. This continuous cycle enables success. With yawave, we support every single step.

The cycle for more success

Collect user data, derive ideas for measures from it and implement them consistently. This continuous cycle enables success. With yawave, we support every single step.

DATA – Collect Customer Data

ACT – Activate Customers

DELIVER – Deliver Content

DATA - Collect Customer Data

Customer Account and Profile Management
yawave connects individual service silos through a central user account and single sign-on to easily collect, centralize, and monetize zero- and first-party user data

Customer Data Tracker
yawave makes it easy to track user data for analytics, automation, loyalization and personalization

Customer Data Analyse
yawave makes it easy for users to explore and visualize their user data to make the right marketing adjustments.

ACT - Activate Customers

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ACT - Activate Customers

Campaign Management
yawave has the tools to create omnichannel campaigns to achieve marketing goals as efficiently as possible.

yawave enables direct use of customer data to trigger the next best actions and treat each customer like the most important one

Loyalty Management
yawave uses the potential of its customers through motivation to sustainably increase transactions and engagements and to retain customers in the long term

Personalization & Recommendation Engine
yawave enables personalized content & product recommendations using deep learning algorithms to inspire and offer more customers

DELIVER - Deliver Content

Omni-Channel Publishing
yawave enables omni-channel publishing across web, apps, email, news, live blogs and posts to deliver a great customer experience on every channel and touchpoint at the right time.

Interaction Toolset
yawave provides easy-to-use, configurable interactive tools to stimulate and increase audience engagement

Digital & Social Asset Management
yawave helps find, manage, store and share digital assets like images, videos, PDFs, posts and more to manage the growing chaos faster and easier

Use Cases

Insights into possible use cases of the yawave suite

More appreciation for your employees

With yawave, you reward additional employee activities with points and benefits. Recommending job openings, sharing content, generating leads, or soliciting feedback are all rewarded.

Customer experiences in tourism

The all-inclusive solution for destinations – for a more active community and more bookings.

Fan activation in sports

The comprehensive solution for more news power, a more active fan community and more effective marketing

Community building for the media

The comprehensive solution for publishers – for an active audience and more subscribers.

In our success stories, we show you how we make our customers even more successful.

What else makes us stand out

The data-driven marketing solution for medium and large companies – cost-effective and powerful.

Excellent price-performance ratio

yawave is also affordable for SMEs because it is based on high-quality open source products that are integrated and maintained. The result is an excellent price-performance ratio.

Powerful range of functions

yawave combines marketing functions in one integrated suite. For example, the CDP is already directly integrated into the marketing tools. Open interfaces are available for the existing environment.

High agility in marketing – without developer resources

yawave develops the functional scope with the credo that as many marketing tasks as possible can be performed without a developer once the system is up and running.

Less lock-in effect

yawave is based on a range of open source products that customers can also purchase and install themselves. This makes customers more flexible and less tied to yawave.

High user friendliness

yawave can also be operated by employees without prior technical knowledge. Intuitive, feature-rich user interfaces and a wide range of help features make it easy to get started.

High extensibility

yawave is based on the latest and partly unique concepts, technologies and standards. The open MACH architecture allows easy integration and extensibility into your environment.

Skyrocket your customer experience.