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Utilize the potential of centrally enriched customer and employee data with yawave. Increase the relevance of interactions, boost engagement, build stronger loyalty and improve the sustainability of your business.

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yawave software

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yawave for HR Manager


I want to increase the customer lifetime value of my customers.

yawave for HR Manager

Human Resources

I want to increase employee engagement and fill vacancies.

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Rated 5/5 on Capterra.

27,5 Mio. Kontakte in yawave erstellt

More than 27.5 million contacts have been recorded in yawave.

ISO 27001

We are currently undergoing an ISO 27001 audit.

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With us you are GDPR compliant.

With yawave you solve the 3 biggest problems in your company


Problems with too many lists and applications

According to Forrester Research, 80% of companies have major problems with too many customer lists and applications, which leads to errors and high administrative costs when managing customer data silos.


Unresolved legal GDPR issues

According to Forrester Research, 60% of all companies have a legal GDPR problem because they have not centralized the data in a CDP.


Problems with the use of collected data

According to a study by HubSpot, 70% of marketers do not know how to use collected data to make a profit. Your marketing activities are based on a fragmented customer or employee journey.

With yawave, you can link your user data centrally and legally compliant with the marketing engine for more success in marketing, HR and corporate responsibility.

The yawave software at a glance

Collect, enrich and activate user data centrally

yawave software

Customer & employee data platform

User Account & Profile Mgmt.
Centralized user data: Real-time decision-making
All user data from different sources centrally combined to enable real-time decisions

User Data Tracker
Collect GDPR-compliant user behavior
Get secure GDPR-compliant insights into the behavior of your users

Loyalty Management
Loyalty management: promoting commitment
Sustainable employee and customer loyalty through active engagement promotion.

Personalization & Recommendation Engine
AI recommendations: for you personally
Personalized content that inspires through innovative deep learning algorithms.


Marketing Automation
Marketing automation: gaining time
Automated and smart use of data – for a VIP experience for every user.

Interaction Toolset
Interactive tools for more engagement
Use sharing, feedback, forms & CTAs to significantly increase your target group engagement.

Omni-Channel Publishing
Publishing: anywhere, anytime
Omnichannel publishing for an inspiring customer experience.

Campaign Mgmt.
Campaigns: effortless to the goal
Efficient omnichannel campaigns for effortless target achievement.

Enterprise ready

For a clean ICT

Identity Access Management:

Effortless access to all applications and resources with just one login (SSO).

User data analysis:

Understanding user data quickly and efficiently. Optimize marketing, HR and communication.

Digitale und soziale Vermögensverwaltung:

The digital asset management system with AI Insight brings order to your digital assets.

Connect with over 5,000 systems

Connect yawave to your existing toolset and your favorite applications – everything is possible, from standard connectors like Zapier to custom integrations.

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