Interaction Toolset

Your toolkit for unique user engagement

Generate interactions on your own platform

Activate your own community in a flexible and targeted manner
Collect and use valuable user data

Easy to configure

Generate comprehensive interaction tools in the shortest possible time without any existing programming knowledge:

  • Designable motivation area for more conversions
  • Freely definable fields and user flows
  • Flexible creation in several languages
interaction hub yawave

Control user engagement

Use the time of a content visit and generate interactions on your own platforms:

  • Network effect through sharing and recommendations
  • Participation through feedback and voting
  • Transactions through Form, Subscribe and Payment

Use interaction for follow-up action

Use a successful interaction as a starting point for insights, automation workflows and follow-up actions:

  • Detailed evaluations / dashboards
  • Automated assignment to segment / dimension
  • Targeted and personalized follow-on recording
Feedback / Voting
Engagement Bar


Use the drag & drop editor to quickly and easily click together forms for registrations, prize draws, competitions, inquiries, etc.

Feedback / Voting

Whether online or via tablet at the POS – feedback, voting and surveys help you to better understand your customers and actively involve them.

Share Tool yawave


Let customers share your content with their environment. yawave shows you what influence a share had. This allows you to analyze the entire sharing chain and virality.

Payment Tool yawave


Simple ordering and payment functionality in no time at all. Set up checkouts for special, limited, or temporary offers, products, and donation campaigns with just a few clicks.


Allow your customers and interested parties to sign up for a newsletter, various content formats, or a subscription. Consent and permission handling is handled centrally.

Share yawave


Turn your customers and employees into ambassadors by allowing them to recommend products, offers, or jobs in their environment.

Engagement Bar

Your most important links and offers get the prominent place they deserve. This way, they are always given to the user on your website or individual landings.

Full control of compliance

Control your consent and permission management in an integrated way across all interactions:

  • Saved authorization data (action, opt-in type, confirmation time) on contact
  • Flexibly adjustable authorization variants (single, confirmed or double opt-in)
  • Centrally configurable privacy policies and legal texts for all interaction tools

Flexible integration

The interaction tools can be integrated into a website, landing page or individual content in a variety of ways:

  • Assign configured tool to a publication (when using yawave Content Hub)
  • Simple integration via embed code as a pop-up, widget or user-defined

Data-driven marketing for more success.