Loyalty program

Transparency and rewards for increased reach

Increase user engagement effectively

With yawave’s loyalty program you can motivate your users to share your posts, recommend your
share your posts, recommend your products and attend your events. You can track their engagement in real time:

  • Motivate your users with sweepstakes, contests, and polls
  • Configure point allocation based on preferred engagement activities
  • Reward your community for their engagement

Customize your reward system to your customers

Every organization is different, and so are their users. That’s why the yawave loyalty program is freely configurable:

  • Choose between cash, vouchers, owner-based rewards, discounts.
  • Multiply your reach with motivating elements
  • Prevent unwanted redemption of rewards

Who beats the highscore?

With yawave you can increase the engagement of your fans, customers and members in a playful way:

  • Engagements like sharing, page visits, purchases, feedback, posts pay into the individual points account
  • Motivate users to get more involved

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