Contact management

Maintain your contacts and enrich them

Keep your contacts centralized

In the User Hub you can easily keep track of all contacts in your organization:

  • Upload complete contact lists or add individual contacts manually
  • Manage contacts across the entire yawave tool palette (e.g. newsletter and loyalty tool)
Contact Segments

Divide and communicate

With our solution, you can segment your contacts and target relevant content:

  • Group contacts based on user-definable dimensions
  • Use static and dynamic rules to define the segments

Understand your contacts

Get to know your users and community better with our contact management:

  • Track interactions with your content at the contact level
  • Learn more about the interests of your community
  • Optimize your content accordingly
Contact Statistics

Increase your contact database.

Legally on the right track

Permissions management and data protection can be simple:

  • Manage permissions for all tools from one place
  • Define legal texts and opt-in variants
  • Be DSGVO and nDSG compliant

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