More efficient and personal communication

With yawave, your communication becomes more personal and efficient through automatic processes based on events and contact data

  • Personalized

    Customize messages based on individual needs and behaviour

  • Relevant Sequence

    Send people through a unique sequence that increases engagement

  • Perfect Timing

    Create unique pauses and send times, 
so messages arrive at the perfect moment

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WORKFLOW Send relevant messages
based on behavior

The rule-based visual workflow builder allows you to create powerful external and internal follow-up messages in an intuitive drag-and-drop interface

  • Behavior

    Create automation events based on user behavior (e.g. feedback, purchase, ...)

  • Conditions

    Take automated actions based on selected conditions

  • Filters

    Apply relevant filters and add precise targeting to your actions

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Personalization Personalize communication
based on activities

Learn your customers’ interaction habits and nurture your relationship with emails designed for their needs and behavior 

  • Follow-Ups

    Automate your email follow-ups based on user activities or passivity

  • Timing

    Send timed emails so you never lose touch with your prospects and clients

  • Personalization

    Tailor each message to create meaningful interactions 

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SIGNUP NURTURING Compel visitors
to join your contact list

Build up prospect engagement, prevent new signups from slipping through the cracks and engage them in a convincing onboarding sequence

  • Sequence

    Initiate automated interaction sequences to onboard new users

  • Configurator

    Set up powerful onboarding sequences with the drag-and-drop builder

  • Content

    Leverage content from your hub to create relevant interactions

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Lead scoring Engagement Rating

Assign points to each action or conversion and use these insights to segment contacts and build personalized automation workflows

  • Customize

    Customized points allocation for actions  (share, subscribe, donate, purchase, etc.)

  • Segmentation

    Automatically rate and segment contacts for easy access in your contacts list

  • Attribution

    Initiate workflows based on customers' engagement points

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Integration Integrate tools for
more automation

Expand your marketing automation skillset beyond user workflows by integrating apps, automating internal processes and improve automation activities

  • Toolset

    Integrate favourite apps quickly via standardized interfaces such as Zapier

  • CRM

    Connect your CRM solution to transfer generated engagement data

  • CMS

    Integrate with your CMS to create personal content interactions in portals

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