More appreciation for your employees

With yawave, you reward additional employee activities with points and benefits. Recommending job openings, sharing content, generating leads, or soliciting feedback are all rewarded.

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Employees experience more appreciation and the company simultaneously benefits from numerous advantages such as…

Increase reach

Increase awareness of your offers and content by leveraging the reach of your referrers across all channels.

Fill vacancies faster

Expand the candidate segment and reach ‘not-yet-seekers’. Significantly increase close rates by valuing the referrer.

Increase employee loyalty

Receive better applications through cultural fit of recommended candidates and significantly higher loyalty through retention via the recommender.

Generate marketing leads

Create attractive offers that appeal to your employees’ interests, and are a pleasure to share with family and friends.

Promote internal engagement

Create a culture that fosters collaboration, appreciation and mutual respect. Reward accomplishments such as internal training, submitting feedback, etc.

Reduce costs

By making recommendations on the existing network, companies can reach suitable candidates more efficiently.

Top Use Case

Receive highly qualified applications in record time

And it’s that simple:


Employee receives relevant job openings

Employees receive relevant vacancies (e.g. by department) on the intranet or by mail. This way, all desired employees can be informed about new tenders.


Employee can easily share vacancies

With the help of a personal sharing link, the advertisements can be shared on a variety of channels (e.g. mail, Whatsapp or the socials). DSGVO compliant and with a unique tracking technology.


Employee receives points

By setting freely selectable parameters for the distribution of points, the company gains maximum flexibility to increase employee motivation. It is possible to award points for sharing information or for successful referrals – the design options are wide.


Employee can redeem points

The company can offer employees various benefits from which they can choose. This gives employees the opportunity to consider their individual needs and wishes, which can increase their satisfaction and loyalty to the company.

Unique sharing technology

yawave also understands who started sharing the ad across multiple touchpoints, and can thus break down who contributed how much to the success. With yawave, partial successes can also be rewarded, such as viewing the ad or sharing it.

    What is the advantage of recommendations in recruiting?

    Employee referrals can fill vacancies faster and at lower cost because:

    • Employee referrals increase the visibility of job postings by leveraging the reach of recommenders across all channels.
    • The candidate segment is expanded as your employees reach out to ‘non-seekers’.
    • You get better quality applications by naturally checking the cultural fit between recommender and candidate.
    • A higher application rate results from the appreciation of the recommendation, which gives the candidate security because the recommender trusts him or her for the job.
    • Significantly higher loyalty is demonstrable due to the bond with the recommender and the better fit.
    • The company also appears innovative
    • Costs for expensive intermediaries and misadjustments are saved.
    Why do I need software for this?

    Get away from lists, Excel and other laborious administrative tasks. Our easy-to-integrate software simplifies employee referral programs. Activities such as sharing a job ad are logged. Yawave ensures DSGVO compliance and makes sure nothing gets lost. In addition, the software offers important features such as flexible rewards for activities, provision of employee benefits, automation of reminders and notifications.

    When the employee referral program is integrated, many additional opportunities arise.
    Recognition and rewards for recommending interesting offers and content to family and friends or for giving feedback are just some of the possibilities.

    Why should I use yawave?

    With yawave you get a powerful and secure software. The unique sharing feature allows you to transparently track and reward the referral journey. Throughout the process, yawave offers companies great freedom in designing their program to fit their individual needs. Role distribution and automation also enable efficient work in large teams.

    yawave also has the great advantage over many other providers that it can be completely integrated into the existing environment, whether on the career site or on the intranet. Also, no mandatory login is required before sharing.

    Who is behind yawave?

    yawave is a Swiss software company with offices in Lucerne. A team of over 40 employees works to support your success.

    What are the costs of yawave?

    Employee referral program pricing starts at CHF 799 per month for a referral program, as the loyalty component is best-in-class. It should be noted that yawave offers much more than just recommendation functionality.

    Unique Employee Engagement Toolbox

    Traditional SaaS products
    Easy integration with existing platforms (jobs, employer branding content)
    Accessible, fast and intuitive use (no app, no registration)
    Comprehensive engagement activation beyond job recommendations
    Automation and cross-channel notifications (e.g. reminders)
    Automatic generation of content references
    Comprehensive analytics capability such as multi-level tracking, all engagement, etc.
    Integrated low code employee portal with reward system ready-to-use
    Flexible expansion of engagements (e.g. e-learning, content creation, etc.)
    Competent support from customer experience and ICT experts
    Reminder and motivation function for employees

    yawave is more than just a recommendation tool

    Other selected features:


    Automatically attract content

    Whether job ads, news, products or content from the company blog. Content is available with no time investment.

    Distribute content

    Easily engage employees with relevant company content.

    Employee survey

    Create surveys in no time and learn more about employees. Of course CD/CI compliant.

    Show appreciation

    Events such as company anniversaries, birthdays or milestones achieved can be rewarded with points.

    Free choice of benefits

    There is a lot of latitude in terms of when and how many points are awarded and what benefits can be offered to employees.

    Enable autopilot

    Processes can be easily automated, such as scoring or notifications.

    Unleash the full potential of your employees.