"Yawave enables us to generate more contacts or leads from our interactions with our travelers - for example, with a simple feedback toolbox, we generate 75 new contacts for every 100 feedbacks - this is direct business potential for RhB." Logo Michael Kistler
Head of Marketing Communications & E-business, Rhaetian Railway

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The Rhaetian Railway was primarily concerned with increasing its lead rate and generating sales potential through its communications. Because tourists usually book their tickets via travel portals, the RhB often didn't know who was on its trains and had no direct contact with the passenger. The opportunities offered by the many touchpoints along the customer journey were not being exploited.

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Using included yawave tools such as surveys, RhB was able to put more horsepower on the rails digitally as well. As a support, contests were also launched via the yawave feedback toolbox. Furthermore, feedback was measured along the entire customer journey: with tablet stands and QR codes at various positions on the train. Additionally, train guides were used for feedback measurement with passengers via smartphone.

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More engagement: 61% more interaction within 2 weeks. Now RhB has real-time customer feedback to which it can react immediately via marketing automation. As a result, it now knows its target group much better and actively involves them in the company's processes.