Customer-centric digitization

From customer experience development to an actionable plan with prioritized requirements and releases

Efficient, proven approach

We look back on many years of experience in combining marketing with IT concepts and enterprise architecture models. Based on this, we have developed an effective 4-step approach for digital platforms and unique customer experiences.

Step 01

Customer journey and roadmap

Customer first – in this sense we create a clear orientation and recommendation for the future customer experience. We provide a meaningful vision for a 3-year planning horizon and a comprehensive list of innovative ideas on how to improve customer interactions on- and offline for more growth.

Experience Map

We structure your target experience and illustrate it as a “big picture” strategy on a poster


We generate powerful ideas for your customer interactions – typically between 100 and 200 actionable ideas.


We evaluate and cluster all ideas and prioritize them along an actionable 3-year roadmap.

Step 02

Performance measurement and optimization

Measure the customer value chain. Along the customer journey, we analyze current performance from awareness to loyalty. We also identify optimization potential and uncover gaps – from which we derive relevant KPIs for effective, continuous monitoring.


We measure current performance at all touchpoints with a focus on reach and conversion.


We show optimization potential along the customer funnel and identify gaps in measurement


We jointly define relevant KPIs for ongoing monitoring and control of the customer journey

Step 03

Platform structure and user stories

Based on the clear vision of the future customer experience, we depict the digital platform as a structured map and derive clear requirements in the form of user stories – we evaluate these and estimate costs to enable meaningful implementation.

Platform structure

We structure and illustrate the future digital platform (epic map) for a clear implementation plan


We develop a comprehensive list of functional requirements, estimate and prioritize them


We group in meaningful clusters, enabling flexible implementation over time

Step 04

Agile development and smart operation

In two-week sprints, we efficiently develop the platform in releases along the elaborated, clear user story backlog – after go-live with a version 1.0, we continuously enrich the platform with additional features or releases.


We work closely with you in two-week sprints – efficiently and effectively.


We ensure efficient platform operation and targeted, continuous development


We ensure efficient platform operation and targeted, continuous development

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