Marketing Automation

More efficient and personal communication

Gain efficiency and eliminate manual processes

Generate a seamless user experience

Ensure behavior-based playback

Make workflows work for you

Create automated workflows and processes based on a defined trigger event:

  • Rule-based and visual workflow configurator
  • Wide range of integrated triggers
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
Contact Segments

Send relevant messages based on behavior

React automatically to specific customer behavior and impress with seamless interaction:

  • Confirmations after purchases, registrations, subscriptions, etc.
  • Personalized messages based on interactions that have taken place
  • Follow-ups, reminders and suggestions

Picking up users in a targeted manner

Build strong interactions and inspire newly acquired users with convincing sequences:

  • Emotional onboarding after registration
  • Personalized content according to interests
  • Specific offers and rewards
Contact Statistics

Integrate tools for more automation

Expand your marketing automation skills beyond user workflows by continuously integrating new applications, automating internal processes and improving automation activities.

There is almost no limit to the possibilities for integrating data from third-party systems.

Get started quickly

Thanks to a large number of integrated trigger events, you can get started right away:

  • Reaction to interaction or repetitive behavior (e.g. feedback, form, payment, visit)
  • Assignment dimension based on behavior
  • Action after an event has occurred (e.g. birthday, completed profile, number of purchases)
Contact Statistics

Data-driven marketing for more success.