Put your user in the center

Collect user data centrally and communicate it in a personalized way

Central user interaction data

Personalized interactions with the user

Save user data centrally

Forms, newsletters or store customers – contact data is generated in many places. This distribution usually does not provide a comprehensive picture of a contact, since the systems do not communicate with each other. This is where we come in.

  • User data is in one central location
  • complete understanding about the user
  • Clarity as to what consent a user has given

    Relevant communication with the contacts

    Put an end to irrelevant communication. Communicate tailored content to target audiences across channels based on interest data or interactions.

    • Allow user to specify his interests
    • Determine interests based on activities
    • Communicate with the user in a personalized way


    Put your user in focus

    Markus Koch
    CCO, Co-Founder
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