yawave for developers: technical basics

Cloud-based User Interaction Suite

yawave is a cloud-based user interaction suite that connects content and users. With the Content Hub, content can be managed centrally right down to the digital asset; an ECMS is integrated. Contacts are identified, managed and enriched centrally in the User Portal; an IAM is provided. This creates the foundation for increased interactions, personalization and loyalty programs.

The yawave tool set includes contact and community management, content editor, content analytics, personalization, liveblog, payment, permission handling and a loyalty program.

Facts & Figures

  • Cloud-based SaaS model
  • System integration through Dockerization and microservices architecture
  • Backend (Java) and frontend (React) separated, Decoupled
  • IAM through OpenID and SAML
  • Application integration through OpenAPI / RESTful API including Zapier and IFTTT
  • Process integration through BPM Automation Engine
  • Headless ECMS with plug-ins for Typo3, WordPress, Joomla, Shopware 6…
  • Multi-tenant, multi-language, multi-tenancy, multi-channel capability
  • Cross-channel and cross-realm content inheritance from any number of instances
  • Local support

Data protection & security

  • Hosting in Switzerland & Germany
  • ISO 27001 Information Security
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • LPIC Linux Professional Institute Certification
  • Production servers & backups are spread over 3 locations
  • A redundant dark fiber ring is used

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Product Release Newsletter

yawave is continuously being further developed. Once a quarter we present you the highlights of new product features in our Product Release Newsletter.


An ongoing overview of new features, interfaces, plug-ins, UX improvements and bug fixes.

User documentation

You will be assisted by our support and by our extensive user documentation.

yawave in your ecosystem.

The yawave User Interaction Suite is divided into Content Hub and User Portal. Together, the two provide the foundation for increased interactions, personalization, and loyalty programs.

With yawave you manage your users from visitor to member. The extensive content creation tools make the communication process more agile and efficient.

The extensive engagement tools use the reach of the users to achieve more reach for your company. The user is entertained and held. Features for creating loyalty programs (points, rewards, contests) further strengthen the reach. Features such as automation, integration, SSO, plug-ins for Typo3, Joomla, WordPress, white labeling and multilingual support make integration and ‘marketing automation’ easy in your application environment. All this is available on state-of-the-art architecture (DevOps, MongoDB, OpenID, etc.), highly scalable and as SaaS.

The yawave User Portal.

Our portal allows your registered users to view their points, benefits catalog, rewards, favorites, publications, vouchers purchased with points and various other information. It shows them a My section with user-related data. When your customer has collected enough points, he can redeem them in the catalog, which you can activate and configure in the User Portal.

User Portal Settings

If you want to create a new User Portal, you have the following options:

  • Settings – Select the name and advanced options such as Journey and Touchpoint.
  • Styling – Here you can customize colors and cover image to match your company’s branding.
  • Tabs – Add tabs including publications, activities, contacts, points, benefits catalog, engagements, coupons, and favorites.
  • Account – Here you configure the user account with input fields like name, email, address etc.

You see, the yawave User Portal is configurable, embeddable, solves many problems technically and from a UX point of view, and gives you the opportunity to engage your users, understand them better, and reward their interactions.