Release 2022-12-27


  • Latest updates on plans, included features and pricing
  • User can add more contacts to his enterprise subscription
  • User can add more members to his subscription


Account & Contact

  • Extension based on purpose of an account and contact. Depending on the purpose, business or private, either company name or first & last name is required when creating or editing an account or contact. Consequently displaying account & contact information on UI and in email got adjusted. Tools, Automation and public API got extended with the purpose field as well.



  • Collections: improvements in setting up of channels and rendering embedded content



  • Publication Cover KPIs: for emails views are calculated based on Sendgrid data; public API got updated too
  • Publication Creation / Template Selection: if no templates available then user gets directly to Publication type selection
  • Publication Builder / Publish step: Cover description is optional
  • Publish / Publication Builder: default behavior in order to avoid too long slugs
  • Publish / Publication Builder: user can set header image opacity
  • Publish / Calendar: user can view and edit all entries within a day



  • Forms & Payments: user can add or import conversions
  • Payments: user will see custom payment provider/platform names



  • All embedded tools have the capability to add themselves to the auto-created publication automatically
  • Categories and tags provided in the embed code will be propagated to the auto-created publication. Cached og meta data gets refreshed as well. Both happens if embed code version time stamp gets updated.
  • Tags get created automatically for slug that do not exist yet in application
  • as well if triggered in embed code by version time stamp
  • Tools / Form & Payment Tool: user can configure Group Fields
  • Tools / CT Account: user can edit purpose (showing fields depends on selected purpose).
  • Tools / CT tab MyContacts and Contacts: user will see improved Contact data representation
  • Tools / CT Embedding: tab Publications: user can define custom main domain for cover links
  • Tools / CT Account Editing in context of external IDP: possibility to configure separate links for editing depending on purpose (business or private)



  • Templates / Emails: user can clone certain system templates (eg. double opt-in message) in order to customize them
  • Branding / Brand: improved primary email address default behavior
  • Connections / Pricenow Connection: user can set up a Pricenow Connection in order to receive orders and order items from Pricenow which will be stored under Engage / Payments
  • Connections / Embed & API Connections: user can activate default proxying
  • Integration / Connections: user can register an endpoint as webhook within yawave’s Webhook Connection and receive publication, liveblog and contact events
  • Integration / SDK: getUserToken: integrator can fetch KC or external IDP token

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