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NEWS HUB Manage club news more efficiently

Fully integrated news hub functionality for efficient content creation, cross-channel publishing and fan base activation

  • Content Hub

    Central management of all dynamic club content and publication via unlimited portals

  • Engagement Toolbox

    Content engagement configurator for ticketing sales, event registrations, share, feedback, etc.

  • Crowd publications

    Trainers, parents, etc. deliver content that only needs to be curated and published

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Fan traffic Boost fan traffic for your own platform

Provide a unique "game experience" from the club's perspective outside the stadium to increase traffic and market digital space

  • Home Screen

    Tension build-up with home screen dramaturgy on game day

  • Social Posts

    Selected social posts automatically shown on game day home screen

  • Club Radio

    Game day radio bar automatically activated for website visitors

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Live Ticker Engage fans 
with a club-flavored ticker

The yawave ticker feeds standard game data from data provider, but can be enriched with club-specific information and offers (e.g. corner ball sponsoring)

  • Standard Game data

    Automatic game data sync with preferred sports data providers

  • Club content

    Ticker enrichment with customized club content from content hub

  • Ticker advertising

    Advertising of selected ticker events such as corners, big safe, etc.

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FAN-ACTIVATION Increase and manage fan engagement

Effective fan activation with notification based on individual fan preferences, motivation for fan engagement, competitions, rankings and redemption of engagement points

  • Sharing

    Fans can easily share content and sharing impact can be measured

  • Leaderboards

    Live leaderboards and analytics for various fan engagements - e.g. top fan influencer, top content provider, etc.

  • Engagement Points

    Fans can collect and redeem engagement points - engagement point allocation can be configured

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CONTENT MARKETING Expand ad space 
for fan interaction

Ad space functionality directly integrated in the content hub with interfaces to various content tools such as live ticker, news, etc.

  • News Ads

    Easy placement of advertising banners in the News Hub - sponsorship of specific news categories such as juniors, events, 1st team, etc.

  • Live ticker advertising

    Possibility to promote own offers such as shirts, tickets, etc. or sponsor offers in live ticker

  • Special Promotions

    Extended promotion possibilities such as micro-sponsoring, statistics sponsoring, and more

«With yawave, we are much more efficient in creating and distributing fan content via web, social, email, liveticker and more. We add forms, gamification, feedback, payment or share tools to this content very easily and flexibly, generating more fan engagement.» Logo Adrian Gassmann | HC Ambri Piotta
Responsible Marketing & Business Development

«As a top club, ZSC also aims to be a leader in digitally supported fan experience. This requires a well thought-out game plan in the form of a fan experience roadmap and effective tools off the ice as well. In Powerplay together with yawave, we create groundbreaking fan experiences.» Logo Romano Caviezel | ZSC Lions
CFO/CTO, Member of the board

«Through content efficiency, more fan engagement and innovative digital presentations, we are now generating significantly more reach, fan data and marketing volume.» Logo Markus Krienbühl | FC Luzern
Head of Marketing & Communication

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