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JOB ADS HUB Collect all job ads from various plattforms in one hub

Integrated job ads hub that collects and centralizes all job ads from various platforms in one embeddable job portal

  • Collect

    Collect new job ads to be displayed automatically in the centralized portal

  • Embed

    Embed the job portal with all open positions from various platforms on your website or intranet

  • Notify

    Automatically notify employees or recruiters once new jobs are published

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EMPLOYEE REFERRALS Activate and manage employee referrals

Powerful employee referral toolbox with effective referral tools, individual activity tracking and individual employee cockpit

  • Share Widgets

    Powerful share tools for more efficient and automated employee referral activities

  • Activities

    Activity timeline for real-time transparency about employee referral engagement

  • Employee Cockpit

    Individual cockpits that enable employees to track and steer their own referral network

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EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION Motivate and reward employee referral engagement

Motivating amplification toolbox with referral path tracking across multiple referrals, referral leaderboards and engagement- or success-based rewarding

  • Successful Path

    Track job referral pathes across multiple levels to identify network contribution

  • Leaderboards

    Identify and display employee referral leaderbords to motivate and reward engagement

  • Rewards

    Configure engagement points and reward recruiting success or simply referral activities

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