Impactful cross-channel content distribution

With yawave you create more content and you manage content
distribution in all relevant channels and portals from one central hub

  • Time-saving

    You gain time for creation of good relevant content

  • More Reach

    You increase reach for your content with just a few clicks

  • Higher ROCI

    You increase your return on content investment

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PUBLICATIONS Manage all publications from a central publication hub

Get a more impactful, consistent and efficient communication by managing all publications from one central place

  • Multi-Channel

    Use all popular publication types centrally - Newsletter, Posts, Video, etc.

  • Update

    Communicate news and updates per publication

  • Campaign

    Combine publications in a campaign with timeframe and objective

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PORTALS One Hub for
multiple Web Portals

Populate different content portals from one place and master complexity that typically arises from branch- or location-specific subpages / portals

  • Design

    Design portals according to your layout for quick and easy integration

  • Code

    Copy the portal code directly in the configurator and simply embed it into your website

  • Plugins

    Integrate portals with maximum design freedom e.g. with the WordPress plugin from yawave

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EMAIL Distribute Content
via Email and Newsletter

Create engaging emails or use one of the many templates, schedule and send newsletters or automated email notifications with content from your content hub

  • Drag-and-drop Builder

    Design beautiful emails with the drag-and-drop builder or use one of the templates

  • Newsletter

    Benefit from generated contacts and send publications from your hub as aggregated newsletter

  • Notifications

    Create relevant automations and send users automated email notifications based on their behavior

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LIVEBLOG Publish breaking News
in real-time

Publish breaking news or events in real-time, integrate on any website without coding and benefit from the unique tools and possibilities - for sports, media and business

More about the liveblog

  • Real-time Data

    Connect the liveblog with data providers of your choice, e.g. sports data providers

  • Content from Hub

    Prepare your own content such as publications, videos, images, etc. in the Content Hub and use it for your liveblog

  • Engagement Tools

    Use engagement tools of your choice, such as Surveys, Payment, Subscribe, Gamification, Forms, Share, etc.

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CALENDAR Schedule publication
times and channels

Be in control of your communication by planning all publishing activities in one calendar that provides a fast and comprehensive overview of all activities

  • Scheduling

    Plan publishing and notification activities directly in your calendar

  • Calendar

    Get a quick overview of your publishing calendar in one place

  • Timeline

    See different publication types over time – daily, weekly, monthly

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PAGES Quickly create powerful
landing pages

Configure and structure customized landing pages as traffic destination for more static content or temporary campaigns, embed content portals and flexibly enrich your landing pages with your  engage tools

  • Flexibility

    Get creative with our drag-and-drop editor and build your page in minutes

  • Integration

    Publish your page and integrate it with your favorite tools

  • Promote

    Drive traffic to your pages and attract crowds to your application.

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TEMPLATES Create powerful content templates

Get more out of good existing content - simplify the handling of different publication formats and easily reuse existing content for other formats

  • Flexibility

    Get creative with our drag-and-drop editor and build templates in minutes

  • Access

    Access your templates quickly in your own template list

  • Library

    Get inspiration from the comprehensive yawave template library

More Features

Explore other powerful features of the yawave software suite