More and better user content interactions

With yawave you quickly generate more content-based interaction with your network and your users get a higher quality interaction experience

  • Better Experience

    You ensure better user experiences with customizable engage tools

  • Integrated

    All interaction tools can be integrated seamlessly on your website

  • Engagement Hub

    All interaction is being tracked and managed in one place

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ENGAGE BUTTON Configure and embed the
floating engage button

Engage better and more with your users by using our smart, floating multi-purpose button to ensure user interaction whereever they are on your web presence

  • Configurator

    Create flexibly one or more "multi-access" buttons with the configurator

  • Features

    Give user fast access to key features like login, feedback, comments, share, etc.

  • Publications

    Automatically generate publications based on meta data

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SHARE Activate revolutionary
sharing power

Provide a cross-channel sharing experience that matches your website’s quality standard and excites your users – monitor and reward individual sharing activity

  • Configurator

    Configure your own share tool - channels, look & feel, and more

  • Integration

    Integrate your customized share-buttons easily with embed-code function

  • Tracking

    Monitor, motivate and reward individual sharing activity for your content

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FEEDBACK Collect and monitor
feedback in real-time

Offer multi access feedback to your customers by combining online and offline touchpoint feedbacks along a pre-defined process that you measure

  • Multi-Channel

    Collect feedback at all possible touchpoints (online, POS, etc.)

  • Configurator

    Flexibly configure feedback questionnaires incl. look & feel, branding, etc.

  • Analysis

    Analyze feedback with dashboards and detailed views

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Payments Configure and activate
payment tools quickly

Flexibly configure and set up payment tools in short-time that you can attach to relevant content in order to collect payments quickly

  • Branding

    Customize your payent tool with your design style, branding, form strucure, etc.

  • Transaction

    Set up payment transaction service quickly, e.g. via Stripe

  • Embed

    Embed a payment widget directly on your website with embed code

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FORMS Configure attractive and
powerful forms

Define forms settings, motivation and form fields flexibly with the form builder and attach generated forms to your content to collect submissions, subscriptions, participations, and more

  • Customize

    Use the form designer to structure fields, add images or adjust layout

  • Integration

    Quickly integrate forms as widget or frame in your webpage

  • Data

    Access all form entries centrally and manage communication

More Features

Explore other powerful features of the yawave software suite