Effective contact insights and management

With yawave you generate more new contacts, monitor activities and content preferences of your contacts and manage them with lists, dimensions, and segments

  • Subscribe

    Increase your audience with powerful subscribe tools

  • Personalize

    Increase reach for your content with targeted communication

  • Protect

    Secure personal contacts data
    compliant with GDPR

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CONTACTS OVERVIEW Manage your audience centrally

Monitor all contacts, their activity level, subscription status and impact for your communication

  • Lists

    See all contacts information including subscription status

  • Activities

    Track your contacts' content interactions, activity level and contribution value for your communication

  • Followers

    Get an overview of your contacts follower networks and influence

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DIMENSIONS Add dimensions to
profile contacts

Organize and group contacts by dimensions depending on their preferences and your Marketing needs

  • Dimensions

    Configure dimensions as additional contact variables

  • Grouping

    Group contacts based on your customized dimensions

  • Integration

    Ensure optimal connectivity with your other data warehouses

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CONTACT DETAILS Monitor contacts
content interaction

Extract real-time in-depth information about single contacts, indicating all individual activities and their impact

  • Tracking

    See in-depth information about one single contact

  • Timeline

    Monitor individual activities and engagements over time

  • Content

    Track individual interactions and impact related to specific content elements

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PERMISSION Configure permission
settings centrally

With yawave compliance settings it is easy to configure permissions centrally

  • Settings

    Manage permission handling for all your widgets and tools from one central point

  • Opt-ins

    Apply single, confirmed or double Opt-ins based your local legal requirements

  • Disclaimers

    Update legal disclaimer text elements centrally for all your interactions

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SUBSCRIBE Grow your audience list

Configure and design multiple subscribe widgets and leverage contact elements such as dimensions to directly segment new subscribers

  • Widgets

    Create multiple powerful subscribe widgets with the subscribe tool configurator

  • Segmentation

    Include contact related elements such as dimensions to automatically segment new subscribers

  • Design

    Design your widget and ensure an attractive subscription experience

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