Convenient content collection and handling

With yawave you create more content and you manage content distribution in all relevant channels and portals from one central hub

  • Aggregate

    Automatically pulls in new posts from your social media accounts

  • Display

    Displays them in a beautiful, easy to install Portal on your website

  • Curate

    Enables the Content Marketing team to manage the curation process

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SOCIAL MEDIA COLLECTION Collect Social Media Posts

Listen to Social Media accounts or hashtags and re-publish content manually ore automatically on selected website portals as publication or social wall

  • Social Accounts

    Connect Social Media accounts with your Content Hub to collect content

  • Hashtags

    Listen to hashtags to collect related publications for republishing

  • Publishing

    Decide if you want to republish automatically or manually

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other applications

Listen to other yawave applications and pull content from there to republish manually or automatically on your own web-portal

  • Applications

    Select other yawave applications to republish tagged content

  • Cross-Organization

    Use applications to easily manage content distribution across organizations

  • Publishing

    Decide if you want to republish automatically or manually

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SUGGESTIONS Coming soon Gather content from the crowd

Activate the crowd to submit content or publication suggestions that you only need to curate and publish and manage the entire curation process 

  • Suggestion

    Structured suggestion forms for collecting crowd content

  • Curation

    Effective curation toolbox to manage curation process from suggestion to publication

  • Mobilization

    Easily motivate the network for more suggestions through notifications and automation

More Features

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