Managing content marketing and engagement

With yawave, you always have control over the impact of your content and the commitment of your users

  • Aggregate

    Automatically pulls in new posts from your social media accounts.

  • Display

    Displays them in a beautiful, easy to install Portal on your website.

  • Curate

    Set up filters, moderate posts and analyze your social media engagement

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Dashboard Coming soon Get a quick overview

Get a fast overview of overall performance with aggregated indicators for key figures such as visits, engagements, influences, points

  • Activities

    Track all content related activities (views, conversions, etc.) of your audience

  • Timeline

    Monitor development of performance figures over time

  • Contacts

    See top rated contacts based on their engagement activities

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Activities Monitor activities in real-time

Monitor contacts' activities in real-time, all relevant interactions are displayed on a timeline - views, engagements such as shares, influences such as generated purchases, etc.

  • Time

    See all activities along a timeline with activity time stamp indicated

  • Contact

    See contact information for the person who performed the activity

  • Influencer

    See who and what influenced the activity - influencer and content

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Contacts Track engagement per contact

Drill-down and track contact specific engagement data - what type of contact do they view, what they share, who their followers are, how many engagement points they have, etc.

  • Publications

    See what type of publications a contact is interested in

  • Contacts

    See which other contacts are related to or are following this contact

  • Activities

    See all activities of this contact - views, engagements, influences, points

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Content Monitor content performance

Track content performance in order to identify what type of content works and to adjust content strategy continuously for more impact

  • Visits

    See aggregated attractiveness and interaction with your content

  • Publications

    See performance per publication or rank publications based on response

  • Comparisons

    Compare publications or timeframes in order to detect optimization potential

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Shares Monitor sharing activities

Get an overview of your network's sharing behavior - sharing channels they use, sharing impact they generate, recipients, top shares, and more

  • Sharing

    Track daily sharing activities in a separate timeline

  • Influencers

    Identify and manage top influencers based on real performance

  • Impact

    Identify real impact of sharing activities - visits, conversions, and more

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