Transparency and rewards for an extra boost

With yawave you can empower your content distribution and engagement with additional motivation tools – manage influencers, activate customer or employee advocacy, and more

  • Transparency

    You create clarity and give recognition to acitve users

  • Configurator

    Rewarding scheme can be customized to your needs, easy and convenient

  • Multiplication

    You multiply your reach with motivational elements

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AMPLIFIERS Configure powerful
engagement amplifiers

The unique engagement tracking capability of yawave provides you with completely new opportunities to amplify crowd engagement

  • Motivation

    Motivate your audience with competitions and leaderboards

  • Points

    Configure point allocation according to your preferred engagement activities

  • Rewards

    Reward your influencers based on real engagement behavior

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Leaderboard Coming Soon Track and display
engagement rankings

Measure and display engagement leaderbords to motivate contributors, launch competition campaigns and reward active users, employees, fans, members, etc. 

  • Points

    Configure your customized point allociation system

  • Ranking

    Monitor and display engagement ranking based on aggregated points

  • Notification

    Notify users based on their ranking situation to motivate them

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Engagement Points Coming Soon Configure engagement
point system

Configure engagement point allocation based on your engagement activity priorities - engagement such as shares, generated visits, conversions, feedback, contributions, and more

  • Points Configurator

    Defines, for which engagement actions points are assigned

  • Account

    Earned engagement points are assigned to active contacts

  • Redeeming

    Earned reward points can be redeemed for getting discounts, etc.

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BENEFITS Coming Soon Configure and offer
attractive rewards

Give your active contributors recognition and generate more activity – most importantly, provide transparency and say “thank you”, with our data you can

  • Rewards

    Configure different reward types for engagement points redemption

  • Types

    Select from money, vouchers, owner-based, discounts and more

  • Security

    Security settings to prevent unwanted earning and redeeming

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DELIVERY Coming Soon Manage reward delivery centrally

Offering benefits is a painful process? Not with yawave, you are in full control of the delivery process and can manage the physical and digital rewarding easily

  • Status

    Get a quick overview about rewarding status and beneficiaries

  • Process

    Manage delivery process from one place with overview of contacts

  • Redemption

    Deduct points for contacts engagement points account based on reward

More Features

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