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  • Manage all customers in one central location
  • Share content efficiently across platforms
  • Generate additional services from your customers

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With just one tool, you can handle all of your customers' content. You can switch between the different customer projects with just one click and regulate the roles and accesses of your employees with the help of different authorizations.

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Save time Work more efficiently

The same content appears on the website, newsletter, and social media? Avoid duplicate work and don't enter the content again on each platform. Share your content directly from the hub to the appropriate channels.

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WIN-WIN at the piggy bank The customer pays less, you earn more

Transparent price overview for your customers and attractive commissions for your agency. Using yawave eliminates a lot of tools at the customer's site, so they will thank you for the lower license costs.

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Discover the full yawave suite The marketing solution for everything you need

With yawave, you can not only easily distribute content but also make it more profitable by using tools to generate interactions. In combination with the integrated contact management, you collect valuable data and personalize your marketing.

  • More interactions

    Get more interactions with a wide range of tools (forms, feedback tool, share, payments, engage bar and loyalty tool).

  • Audience contacts

    Discover who interacts with what content and personalize your marketing based on the data you collect.

  • Central administration

    Set roles for your team members in one place and define elements such as the CD/CI or compliance queries centrally.

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Why Yawave?

yawave offers a variety of solutions that help you publish and share content more easily. This way, you generate more interactions and get everything out of your content. The yawave suite also offers many other features such as an integrated contact management, a loyalty program or a liveblog.

Can yawave be integrated with other third-party software and tools?

Yes. Yawave can be connected with numerous third-party providers.