What is yawave

Understand the revolution from «share and pray» to «share and manage»

We all had the experience of asking our friends, employees or clients for support - but what happens then? We don’t even know who is actively sharing or referring for our cause. Social platforms work the same way – we publish, share and pray! With yawave you have full transparency, you can steer participants, and you can reward contribution. With yawave you can share and manage.

How it works

How a wave gets started and grows through helpers' support

  1. Set up the wave: You define your goal and the date by when you want to have it achieved. You can set incentives such as money or other rewards – fully calculable.
  2. Start, track and steer: You start the wave by sending it to the first group of contacts or by posting it on a social network. Each contact person can help you directly or they can recommend your wave – via all possible channels. And that's how your wave grows until you have achieved your goal.
  3. Reward contributions: The reward is then shared along the successful referral path or among the top referrers – depending on wave type.

Reasons for using yawave

Why yawave is more efficient than other tools to activate the network

  • 20x
    Visitors boost
    Successful waves generate 20 times more visitors compared to respective platforms. They reach up to 7 times more people on indirect (2+) levels compared to the direct contacts.
  • 83%
    High level of trust
    The most credible form of advertising comes straight from the people we know and trust. Eighty-three percent say they trust the recommendations of friends and family.
  • 76%
    High click-through
    On average 76% of the established contacts are visiting the wave landing page. The percentage is depending on type of wave and activity level of the wave owner.
  • 60%
    With the use of a yawave subscription users save cost up to 60% compared to established alternative tools. This is obviously depending on wave type and size.