Do you leverage the power of your network?

There is enormous crowd activation energy in our networks that we don’t fully leverage – because we can’t

The inconvenient questions for your network power:

FRIENDS: Do you know which of your so-called friends really help you?

EMPLOYEES: You pay them salary. Do you leverage their promotion power?

CUSTOMERS: Do you know who is a happy client? Do you trigger referrals?

PARTNERS: You call them partner. Do they really support you?

SUPPLIERS: They make business with you. Do they «give and take»?

ETC.: There are more opportunitiies - do you leverage all contant points?

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With yawave you can

Yawave adresses current crowd activation limitations with powerful functions to activate, share and manage

We all had the experience of asking our friends, employees or clients for support - but what happens then? We don’t even know who is actively sharing or referring for our cause. Or we miss opportunities to ask for referrals where they are most impactful – e.g. when a client is happy. With the yawave sharing hub you can activate the energy in your network - you have full transparency, you can steer participants, and you can reward contribution. With yawave you can activate, share and manage.

Current limitations

  • Manual list sendings and posts
  • Painful use of separate channels
  • Limited support transparency
  • No motivation and rewards
  • Lack of control

Activation with Yawave

  • Manual and automatic activation
  • All popular sharing channels in one spot
  • Full support transparency
  • Motivation and rewards for helpers
  • Crowd steering tools

Whatever your objective is

The yawave activation power is the answer to all network mobilization questions – no matter what the objective is

How can we leverage our employee networks to find new talents?

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How can I mobilize my network to win the election?

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How can I use happy clients to get new clients?

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How can I start a viral campaign to mobilize for our event?

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How can I mobilize family and friends to fund my project?

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Never miss this opportunity again

The potential is huge: we all have a powerful network of friends, customers, partners, facebookers, followers, etc. ... and we don’t use it properly!

Big latent power ...
Loyal friends, happy customers, engaged employees, etc. – everyone of these contact points on average is connected to 250 contacts, and they again to 250, and so on.
  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Friends
  • Others contacts
  • Referral rate Out of 100 contacts, how many you expect to forward your request.
... not properly used!
No matter if it is for a one-off campaign or an everyday occasion like a purchase or a service delivery to a happy client – we do not leverage the power of our networks for crowd activation and growth.
Network Power with yawave
Without yawave

Powerful activation triggers

You can trigger the energy of your network in many ways – manually and automatically

Activation and Mobilization
Start your wave like any other campaign with emails to your wave starter group and posts on relevant social platforms. Use the yawave sharing tool and trigger all relevant channels from one place.
Organic growth for service businesses
Happy cients are a company’s best starter group, e.g. for a referral wave. Use the yawave satisfaction wave to collect customer feedback and automatically mobilize positive feedback-givers for referrals.
Organic growth for online shops
Conversion Follow-on
Directly after a purchase the buyer has the highest involvement with your product or service, and hence a higher willingness to share. Connect the wave power with your shop and install an automated referral program.
Multiplication of branded experiences
POS Experience Sharing
Many companies provide rich, exciting point of sale and event experiences (such as nowadays VR) for clients and prospects. The downside is they are limited in reach and often anonymous – collect participant data and multiply the experience with yawave, for a higher Return on Marketing Investment.

Personalized cross-channel sharing

Share across all relevant channels from one powerful «sharing hub»

All Relevant channels integrated
A wave can be shared with many channels. As wave starter or participant you can send emails to your friends, share the content on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) or even send a coded postcard (currently limited to Switzerland). For larger audiences you can create groups and upload contact lists.
Personalized sharing
The sharing activity with yawave is personalized – this allows you to identify top wave promoters and track referral chains.

Crowd transparency

Get full transparency about the overall wave performance and individual contributions

Performance dashboards
Apart from aggregated wave statistics, yawave provides the wave starter and each wave participant with a dashboard that shows his individual contribution to the wave.
Helpers list
The wave starter has access to a list of all wave participants where he can see if that person already visited the wave or even shared. Each wave participant has his own “social CRM cockpit” with a similar list of his direct contacts and their wave activities.
Referral network graph
Helpers’ referral chains can be tracked on multiple referral levels in the referral graph – participants can see how broad and deep their referral crowd is.

Motivation and rewards

Incentivize your most successful helpers with attractive rewards

Top performer ranking
Top performer ranking
Successful path
Successful path
Motivational rankings

Real-time rankings show individual contributions and motivate supporters to help more. Ranking update messages inform wave participants regularly about their performance in the wave.

Top performer rewards

As wave starter you can set rewards for top wave performers, e.g. those who shared your wave most or most successfully. This reward type is often used for political campaigns, event mobilizations, or awareness campaigns.

Rewards for successful pathes
For typical search waves (recruiting, property, mandate, etc.) you can also incentivize the referral chain that leads to success.

Crowd steering

Steer your wave network with updates, automated messages and manual reminders

Reminders and thank-you notes
As starter of the wave or participant you can send reminders to contacts that did not show any activity, and thank-you notes to contacts that shared your wave.
(Re-)activation cadences
These messages can also be automated to give you even more convenience in activating your network.
As starter you can also send updates to all wave participants, in case you want to share some news with the wave crowd.
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Unique advantages

How can you apply this activation power?

Set up and launch your wave quickly on our platform, use our white label feature, or embed yawave power in your website

On yawave platform
Create a wave landing page for your objective in no time with the yawave wizard and start your wave.
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White-labeled on yawave
Use your own colors and brand to offer your users an on-brand wave experience.
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On your website
Embed the yawave sharing tool in your own website with our flexible API solution.
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