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There is enormous crowd activation energy in our networks that we don’t fully leverage – because we can’t

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Network Power with yawave
Without yawave

With yawave you can

Yawave addresses current crowd activation limitations with powerful functions to activate, share and manage

Current limitations

  • Manual list sendings and posts
  • Painful use of separate channels
  • Limited support transparency
  • No motivation and rewards
  • Lack of control

Activation with Yawave

  • Manual and automatic activation
  • All popular sharing channels in one spot
  • Full support transparency
  • Motivation and rewards for helpers
  • Crowd steering tools

You're in good company

«With the sharing software from yawave we were able to sharply increase the audience for our products and services – simply by better leveraging our existing network.»
Solutions to boost reach
Enhance your communication with the powerful yawave toolbox
Multiply your audience with the yawave content hub
  • Empower employees, customers, etc. as advocates
  • Orchestrate all your content from one publication hub
  • Use all powerful channels: email, social, postcard, and more
  • Increase advocacy with cross-content activity rankings
Apply the yawave share buttons and get control
  • Enhance user share experience on your website
  • Provide all channels – Email, social media, get link, postcard, etc.
  • Motivate sharing activity through gamification
  • Collect individual sharing data
Use the yawave newsletter tool and increase reach
  • Leverage newsletter recipients for more spread
  • Get more subscribers for your newsletter
  • Collect personalized data of top multipliers
  • Design customized newsletters and schedule dispatch
Mobilize mass effectively with yawave campaign features
  • Campaign wizards for sales, election, donation, events, funding, and more
  • Initiate mobilization and share via email, social media, postcards, and more
  • Monitor individual contributions and top promoters
  • Track conversions (support, subscription, purchase, donation, etc.)
  • Send automated updates, notify and steer the campaign crowd
Unique advantages across all yawave solutions
Apply and consolidate powerful crowd activation in all your communication
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Cross-channel sharing
Participants can share across all popular channels – social media, email, or event physical channels such as postcard
The sharing network is being tracked on individual level beyond direct contacts
Flexibly configurable rankings and rewards are motivating helpers
Powerful messages and dialogues further mobilze the network for more support activity
«The yawave team helped us to identify and leverage key touchpoints for more reach leads – also by allocating our marketing resources more efficiently.»
Solutions to collect data and multiply activation touchpoints
Leverage all relevant customer touchpoints for more communication power
Measure satisfaction and turn positive feedback into advocacy
  • Customer feedback email or mobile app (tablet stand, mobile)
  • Overall and individual feedback overview
  • Automatic advocacy request email
  • Advocacy options: like/follow, post, rating, referral
Use emotional experiences to expand reach
  • Participant identification (e.g. via subscription)
  • Tracking of personalized experience (e.g. video)
  • Automatic share request
  • Gamification
Consulting services
We are here to help you communicate more effectively
Developing powerful activation strategies for more impact
Mapping the customer journey and identifying activation touchpoints for more reach
Enabling digital transformations that maximize return on marketing investment
«With yawave we are able to mobilize better and more for our events and parties. Most importantly we can now track and reward our key influencers based on their actual promotion effect.»
Unique differentiators
There are many good reasons why to chose yawave
  • Transparency about individual sharing activity
  • Seamless combination of email, social and offline
  • Incentive and reward center
  • Updates and automated notifications
  • Suite with publication hub, share buttons, newsletter
  • Expandable to more customer touchpoints
  • Flexible integration with iframes and widgets
  • Multilingual
  • Data hosted in Switzerland