Talent search
Find talents through your network *
Activate, track and steer your employee’s networks beyond their direct contacts and expand reach.
Mobilize a large recruiting network through flexible rewards for successful referral chains and top promoters.
Use all powerful channels for job referrals: email, social, print, postcard, and many more.
Set up and start quickly due to cloud based service and easy to fill recruiting publication wizards.
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Cross-channel sharing
Supporters can share job profiles across popular channels – social media, email, or event physical channels such as postcard
The sharing network is being tracked on individual level beyond direct contacts
Flexibly configurable rankings and rewards are motivating helpers
Powerful messages and dialogues further mobilze the network for more support activity
* this search page focuses on talent search – the same logic and features can be applied to other search cases such as property, cars, M&A, etc.
Good reasons
Yawave offers compelling possibilities compared to other talent search platforms and tools
Limitations of standard talent search tools
  • Attracting (unemployed) talents
  • Direct employee referrals
  • No employee activity tracking
  • No reinforcement
  • Limited motivation tools
  • Separate tools for Social Recruiting and Employer Advocay
Recruiting power with yawave
  • Access to employed talents
  • Employee network search chains
  • Job ad share tracking
  • Automated reminders
  • Motivation through competition
  • Sharing Hub for Social Recruiting and Employer Advocay
How it works
That’s how you launch powerful job referral chains across channels, motivate employees and track impact
Step 1
Create a talent search with the yawave job wizard
Step 2
Launch the search among your employees and other promoters
Step 3
Motivate employees with incentives for sharing activity and successful search chain
Step 4
Manage applications, hire, and reward successful search path and top promoters
Powerful features
Yawave offers effective and unique search features
Job referral network
The yawave software core is interpreting the referral networks and creating distinctive job referral pathes in tree structure. This allows rewarding of multi-step referral chains
Crowd activation
Every recruiting publication participant has his own «Social CRM Cockpit», can track the activity level of his publication contacts and send thank-you or reactivation messages
Search motivation
Recruiters can offer monetary or other rewards that will get equally shared along the successful referral chain. Additionally, job publications can be boosted with rewards for top promoters.
Application management
Beyond the standard funnel, you can define your own recruitment funnel steps and manage the applications accordingly - the software also enables easy application data export.
Co-starter administration
In case you want to give publication administration access to more than one recruiter, the co-starter feature allows you to manage multiple owners for specific publications.
Interact with the talent search community – send updates, automated notifications, reminders, thank-you notes and more
Other search applications
Property search
Find a property seller or buyer through a search chain
In bigger cities up to 50% of real estate is being traded secretly within networks – yawave gives you access to this market.
Mergers & acquisitions
Find a company or partner through your network
The vast majority of M&A transactions is in the SME market. In this market agile referral networks both for buy and sell are highly effective.
Rare objects or people
Find a rare oldtimer or an subject matter expert
On this planet everyone is connected to each other through others they know by, at most, six rounds of introductions – yawave enables you to build that path.
«With the sharing software from yawave we were able to sharply increase the audience for our products and services – simply by better leveraging our existing network.»
What makes it different
Yawave enables completely new possibilities for searching talents or other search objects
Conventional talent search platforms and tools
  • Talent search wizard
  • Application forms
  • Application funnel management
  • Personalized sharing and tracking
  • Seamless social, email and print
  • Talent search chain
  • Successful seach chain
Limited employee-gets-employee activity
Yawave talent search power
  • Talent search wizard
  • Application forms
  • Application funnel management
  • Personalized sharing and tracking
  • Seamless social, email and print
  • Talent search chain
  • Successful seach chain
Maximized activity and extended talent search network
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