Monetarization of content and interactions

Offer ad space for good content and meaningful user interactions

  • Ad Configurator

    Advertising can be configured flexibly for all content / publish modules

  • Publishing

    Advertisings can be set up and published quickly in no time

  • Reporting

    Relevant advertising KPIs are measured and reported automatically

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Content Advertising Planned Offer advertising space
for content interactions

Leverage relevant content and interactions for your own brand or external advertisers: define advertising mechanic, set timeframe and budget for impact measurement

  • Content

    Select relevant content directly in your content hub for advertising space

  • Timeframe

    Predefine advertising timeframe with start and end date and time

  • Budget

    Indicate invested budget in order to measure investment related impact figures

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Performance Indicators Planned Measure and report
advertising impact

Automatically generate relevant advertising KPIs, monitor them in real-time and report investment related impact figures to your advertisers

  • KPIs

    Measure all relevant ad KPIs - impressions, clicks, CTR, etc.

  • Timeline

    Monitor advertising impact (impressions, clicks) over time

  • Content

    Track advertising impact per publication in order to improve ad-related content

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