Full control with settings cockpit

All relevant settings for content interaction can be configured centrally

  • Efficiency

    Settings can be configured in one place for all tools with a few clicks

  • Control

    Settings information are clearly arranged and allow full control at any time

  • Consistency

    Centrally set standards enable more consistency across channels

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Templates Create convincing
content templates

Create your template standards and browse hundreds of professionally-designed templates for new ideas and quick implementation

  • Predesign

    Discover templates that welcome, educate, promote, sell, and celebrate

  • Customize

    Customize templates that greet, follow-up, and convert subscribers

  • Library

    Define your own template library for more consistency and efficiency

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Tools Configure powerful
engagement tools

Create engagement tools with the tool builder, configure tools such as share, feedback, form, subscribe, payment and more - adjust look & feel with the easy to use tool designer

  • Builder

    Configure your own engagement tools with the tool builder in no time

  • Design

    Customize the tool design according to your own style (colors, background, etc.)

  • Embed

    Access and copy embed code easily and integrate tools on your own webpage

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Team Define roles
and team members

With the team administration feature you easily create roles, define members and assign rights to optimize collaboration with team members, agencies, etc.

  • Roles

    Create team roles for content marketing across all involved functions

  • Members

    Define team members and assign roles and permissions

  • Flexibility

    Use yawave pre-defined roles or create new roles and customize permissions

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Compliance Manage permisson settings
in one place

Define compliance and permission settings centrally for all tools - define opt-in rules and indicate terms and conditions for content interactions

  • Opt-in

    Select from a list of opt-in alternatives - single, confirmed or double-opt-in

  • Terms

    Upload your own terms of use to be applied for all interaction tools

  • Disclaimer

    Write your own disclaimer text applied for all interaction tools

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Classification Manage content categories,
attributes and tags

Structure your content with categories, attributes and tags for fast publication in respective portals, content grouping, collections, and more

  • Catetories

    Create categories, attributes and tags for clear structuring of your content

  • Assignment

    Assign categories, etc. to publications for fast and structured distribution

  • Filtering

    Filter your publications quickly based on categories, attributes and tags

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Branding Customize branding,
theming and domains

Adjust look & feel of publication templates, landing pages, tools etc. to your needs - for a seamless on-brand content experience 

  • Branding

    Upload your logo, favicon, etc. for a branded content interaction experience

  • Theming

    Define your color scheme for all relevant content views

  • Domains

    Customize domain for more on-brand naming

More Features

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