Share buttons
Get more traffic and control
Upgrade your users’ sharing experience with a customized share dialogue on your website
Track sharing activity overall and on individual, content and channel level
Create competition and reward top influencers that generate most traffic for you page
Send automated thanks-you notes and updates to your sharing community
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Cross-channel sharing
Participants can share across all popular channels – social media, email, or event physical channels such as postcard
The sharing network is being tracked on individual level beyond direct contacts
Flexibly configurable rankings and rewards are motivating helpers
Powerful messages and dialogues further mobilze the network for more support activity
Good reasons
Yawave generates compelling results compared to other sharing options
Limitations of standard sharing buttons
  • Only aggregated data
  • Limited to online sharing
  • Direct only
  • No motivation tools
  • No appreciation
Share button power with yawave
  • Individual activity tracking
  • On- and offline channels
  • Multi-level share tracking
  • Motivation through competition
  • Thank-you notes and updates
How it works
That’s how you integrate the share buttons, motivate sharing activity, track growth and reward advocates
Step 1
Set up the share buttons and competition
Step 2
Embed buttons by copy-pasting the code
Step 3
Track sharing activities and send automated messages
Step 4
Reward top promoters and reset competition
Powerful features
Yawave offers effective and unique share button features
Share wave wizard
With an easy to complete wizard share button campaign can be configured – eg. channels or rewards program
Smart share dialogue
The yawave share dialogue upgrades the user’s sharing experience, both in terms of look & feel and activity
Promoter dashboard
People that share can access their own performance dashboard to track their impact
Ranking and rewards
Top ranks can be rewarded in predefined intervalls or at specific dates – the delivery view helps to manage rewards
Performance overview
Aggregated data provides insights about channels, sharing activity over time, impact on views, visitors, and more
Automated messaging
With the messaging tool it is convenient to send for example thank-you notes or updates to promoters
«With the sharing software from yawave we were able to sharply increase the audience for our products and services – simply by better leveraging our existing network.»
What makes it different
Yawave upgrades share buttons with a better sharing experience and motivation tools
Conventional share buttons
  • Anonymous sharing
  • Personalized sharing
  • Aggregated sharing data
  • Individual sharing contribution
  • Rankings and competitions
  • Thank-you notes and updates
Limited sharing power and insights
Yawave powerful share buttons
  • Anonymous sharing
  • Personalized sharing
  • Aggregated sharing data
  • Individual sharing contribution
  • Rankings and competitions
  • Thank-you notes and updates
Maximum sharing power, insights and more traffic
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