Customer feedback that drives business
Collect and track feedback across all relevant channels, e.g. Email, Social, Point of Sale feedback stand, and more.
Motivate customers to share positive feedback further with a bigger audience through Email and Social Media.
Motivate feedback givers to do follow-up ratings on Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook, etc.
Create competition and reward employees that collect most feedbacks and achieve satisfaction levels.
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Cross-channel sharing
Participants can share across all popular channels – social media, email, or event physical channels such as postcard
The sharing network is being tracked on individual level beyond direct contacts
Flexibly configurable rankings and rewards are motivating helpers
Powerful messages and dialogues further mobilze the network for more support activity
Good reasons
Yawave generates compelling results compared to other customer feedback collection options
Barriers to leveraging Feedback
  • Make it too difficult
  • Making the process too slow
  • Asking too many questions
  • Not closing the feedback loop
  • Not spreading positive Feedback
  • Not motivating for feedback
Leveraging feedback with yawave
  • Make it simple
  • Realtime processing
  • Ask one question first
  • Close the feedback loop
  • Share positive feedback
  • Motivate employees and customers
How it works
That’s how a satisfaction publication gets started, customer feedback gets collected, and positive feedback gets shared
Step 1
Set up and start the satisfaction publication
Step 2
Collect feedback, track and steer
Step 3
Leverage positive feedback for more awareness and better ratings
Step 4
Reward feedback activity of your employees and customers
Powerful features
Yawave offers effective and unique features for customer feedback activation
Satisfaction Dashboard
On an aggregated level the publication starter has a an overview of all feedbacks. He can quickly see the overall satisfaction level and the trend.
Cross-Channel incl. POS Feedback
Feedback can be collected by email, postcard (currently only in SUI), and feedback tablet stands for point of sale.
Employee Feedback Manager
Every employee has his own feedback giver dashboard with the respondents list where he can see who provided feedback – including easy follow-up functions.
Push for relevant Ratings
In case of positive feedback customers will get an automatic request to additionally rate the service on relevant platforms (defined by the publication starter), e.g. Google, Tripadvisor.
Rankings and Motivation
Constant ranking of quantity and quality of feedback motivates employees to collect and improve feedback. The management can flexibly define different rewards for top ranked employees.
Positive Feedback Sharing
Positive feedback givers are automatically motivated to share such feedback with friends via all possible channels such as Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Point of Sale Feedback

Yawave offers a wide and flexible range of feedback collection channels including POS

The standard feedback collection for services works as follows: The employee asks directly after the service experience for the customer’s feedback on his device, e.g. tablet, or sends him a feedback request by email at the end of the working day.

For the service experience at the Point of Sale yawave offers the POS feedback collection option. A tablet can be placed on an tablet stand. Customers leaving the POS can quickly rate the experience – directly after leaving the shop, positive feedback givers will receive an email request for sharing that great experience.

«With yawave we transform positive client experiences into recommendations. We now leverage every single customer touchpoint for more reach and new leads.»
What makes it different
Yawave turns positive customer feedback into growth opportunities by combining uniquely customer satisfaction measurement with referral power
Conventional feedback tools
  • Real-time feedback
  • Motivation
  • Feedback Activation
  • Sharing
  • Impact Analysis
Missed growth opportunity from positive feedbacks
Yawave feedback with impact
  • Real-time feedback
  • Motivation
  • Feedback Activation
  • Sharing
  • Impact Analysis
Customer feedback for Improvement and growth
Conventional referal tools
  • Real-time feedback
  • Motivation
  • Feedback Activation
  • Sharing
  • Impact Analysis
Missed micro-commitment and referer segmentation
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