Grow your newsletter audience beyond subscribers
Launch newsletters that go beyond your subscribers – with the personalized yawave share functionality
Track sharing activity overall and on individual, content and channel level
Build relevant, beautiful and on-brand emails with our drag-ond-drop email builder
Create competition and reward subscribers that generate more reach for your newsletter
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Cross-channel sharing
Subscribers can share newsletter content across popular channels – social media, email, or event physical channels such as postcard
The sharing network is being tracked on individual level beyond direct contacts
Flexibly configurable rankings and rewards are motivating helpers
Powerful messages and dialogues further mobilze the network for more support activity
Good reasons
Yawave generates compelling results compared to other newsletter tools
Limitations of standard newsletter tools
  • Only aggregated data
  • Direct only
  • No motivation tools
  • No appreciation
Reach power with yawave newsletter tool
  • Individual sharing tracking
  • Multi-level share tracking
  • Motivation through competition
  • Automated follow-on notifications
How it works
That’s how you design powerful emails, launch, motivate forwarding activity, track impact and reward promoters
Step 1
Design beautiful emails with the drag-and-drop email builder
Step 2
Manage your subscriber list and send newsletter
Step 3
Motivate subscribers with competition to forward newsletter
Step 4
Track distribution growth and reward top promoters
Powerful features
Yawave offers effective and unique newsletter features
Newsletter builder
The drag-and-drop email builder provides professionally-designed templates that can be adjusted to any brand and look great on every device.
Newsletter distribution can be easily scheduled with the calendar features
Analytics & tracking
Aggregated data provides insights about newsletter impact , and forwarding effect on visitors, views, and more – available on-the-go on any device
Content spreading
Top promoters of your newsletter content can be shown in a live ranking – and motivated additionally with rewards
Automated messaging
With the messaging tool it is convenient of send for example thank-you notes or updates to promoters
Publication hub
Our newsletter tool is integrated in the publication hub that allow to seamlessly coordinate newsletters and social posts
«With the sharing software from yawave we were able to sharply increase the audience for our products and services – simply by better leveraging our existing network.»
What makes it different
Yawave upgrades share buttons with a better sharing experience and motivation tools
Conventional newsletter tools
  • Drag-and-drop designer
  • Success tracking
  • Newsletter content sharing
  • Rankings and competitions
  • Thank-you notes and updates
  • Responsive
  • Data hosted in Switzerland
Isolated channels and limited reach
Yawave newsletter power
  • Drag-and-drop designer
  • Success tracking
  • Newsletter content sharing
  • Rankings and competitions
  • Thank-you notes and updates
  • Responsive
  • Data hosted in Switzerland
Extended reach beyond direct subscriber level
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