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What is yawave?

Yawave is a revolutionary cloud software and online platform that allows you to activate a crowd for a specific objective, track, steer and reward contributions on multiple levels beyond your direct contacts.

What is it used for?

This unique crowd activation capability is being applied for many different purposes, e.g. sales referral marketing, recruiting candidate search, donations, or crowdfunding. The software is being by private individuals and companies of every size across industries.

How can I use yawave?

You can use yawave on our platform – you quickly create your own wave landing page with a wizard and start your wave. Or you are a company that wants to have our crowd activation functionality integrated in your own system environment? Then contact us.

How does it work?

You define your goal and the date by when you want to have it achieved. You can set incentives such as money or other rewards – fully calculable. You start the wave by sending it to the first group of contacts or by posting it on a social network. Each contact person can help you directly or they can recommend your wave – via all possible channels. And that's how your wave grows until you have achieved your goal.

The reward is then shared along the successful referral path or among the top referrers – depending on wave type.

What does it cost me to use yawave?

It’s free to set up an account, benefit from advanced supporter features and even create and start a wave with up to 200 visitors – which is sufficient to get a wave going or test the functionality. Only once your wave grows beyond this or in case you want to have access to special features, you’ll need to choose a premium plan. The prices for premium subscriptions reflect the number and size of waves, the range of features utilized, and the duration of the service. In order to see the different subscription types click here.

User Account

Which benefits do I have to register on yawave?

It is not necessary to register in order to only support a wave but once you have registered you take advantage of various benefits:

  • Have access to your personal support dashboard
  • Start a wave
  • Have more sharing success in waves due to a personalized profile 
  • Receive wave notifications and messages 
  • Create visibility cards and steer your visibility in each wave you are participating in
  • Receive our newsletters 
  • Keep track of your waves and change details during the campaign like e.g. the delivery address for rewards
Does it cost anything if I register?

No, with your registration you get a free subscription that gives you access to effective supporting tools (such as your personal wave dashboard and supporter list) and you can even start your own waves. Only once you need access to more features and upgrade to a premium plan costs will occur.

I never received an account activation email

Be sure to check your spam folder! If you still can’t find it, you can request another activation email here.

I have forgotten my password

Click on here and we will send you a new password via email. If you enter your password to often incorrectly, your user profile will be temporarily locked.

How can I change my email address?

In your account click the sub-tab «communications». There you can administrate your email addresses, add new addresses, delete existing ones, and you can can change your primary email address in the list.

How can I delete my profile?

Go to your account and click “delete”. Your profile will be deleted and you will no longer receive messages from the site. Please note that this action cannot be undone.

It may be that you cannot delete your profile for the following reasons: 

  • You have a running wave (in start, active or settle mode)
  • You have supported a wave and are entitled to rewards that you haven’t received yet.
Can I upload and manage contacts?

Yes, click on «contacts» in your account menu. In contacts you can create single contact entries or upload contacts data from a CSV file. In the menu item «groups» you can create different groups, which you subsequently can access also in your contacts – you can link contacts to groups or upload contacts as groups.

Helping a Wave

How do I get in contact with an interesting wave?

You receive a wave when a friend of yours is sharing it with you – via email, on facebook, linkedin, etc. In this case you are a direct connection (node) of your friend. Or you can go to the yawave discovery page and join waves that are interesting for you. In case you join a wave through our discovery page you are a direction connection of the wave owner.

How can I support a wave?

You can support a wave by sharing it with your own network via all channels offered in the sharing button.
But you can not only share the wave. Of course – if you want to participate in the wave action – you can also do so on the wave landing page. Apply for a job in a job wave, donate for a good cause in a donation wave, or buy a product in a sales wave.

How can I benefit?

Different wave types have different benefit schemes. In a search wave - such as a recruiting wave - you can benefit if you are part of a successful referral chain that leads to a hire. In a mobilize people wave – such as a election wave – you can benefit if you are a top ranked promoter. In each wave you will find details about the offered benefits in the sub-tab «benefits» on the main page.

Do I get notified if I receive a reward?

Yes, in case you earned a reward you will get notified by email.

Where do I see my rewards and how do I get them?

You can see your wave specific rewards in each wave in the sub-tab «benefits» (main tab «wave»). If you want an overview of all your rewards across waves and want to track the current status of these rewards – e.g. If they have been delivered already - you can see them in your personal wallet (menu item «wallet»).

How can I send emails to a group?

You have two options. You can either send a coded email to your personal email client (you can access this option through the sharing button – email – your mail account) and then use your groups there or you create a group within your yawave account. We recommend the later as it gives you more tracking options. For this first create a group (account – groups) and then upload a CSV file with your contacts (account – contacts). You will then have all uploaded contacts in your contact list and you will see the group name they are linked to. When you now open the standard email sharing window (sharing button – email) and click in the recipients entry field, then you see and can select your groups. Sending to a group creates single sendings and recipients don’t see other recipients in the email they get.

How can I decide how much personal information will be visible in a wave?

If you are registered as a yawave user you can create visibility cards (in account – visibilities), e.g. professional, private, or anonymous visibilities. In each wave you can then select which of your pre-defined visibilities you want to choose – click on «my visibility» in your personal menu and select a visibility, which will then be valid for this specific wave. The default visibility will be according to the yawave visibility card.

How can I see what my contacts do?

If you are registered – i.e. you have a yawave account – you will have a tab «Wave» at the very top. Click on it and you will see your personal wave dashboard. Right below the dashboard you have a tab called «Helpers». Click on it and you will see the full list of your identifiable contacts, if and when they visited the wave, if and how many referrals they made, if they are active, etc. In this supporter list you have the possibility to send messages to individuals or to groups – for example send a thank you note to all your helpers that shared the wave.

How can I browse the entire wave network?

If you are registered – i.e. you have a yawave account – you will have a tab «Wave» at the very top. Click on it and you will see your personal wave dashboard. In the top-right corner of this view you have a button «see in graph». Click on it and you will get to the network tree. Here you can see a person (in the middle) its parents (people the respective person received the wave from, above) and its children (people the respective person sent the wave to, below). By clicking on people in this graph you can navigate through the network.

How to contact the wave owner?

On the wave page (main page) you will find the owner indicated directly below the large image on the left-hand side. Clicking this link will get direct you to the owner view. There you will find the owner's contact data (below his picture). When clicking on the email-link it will open your mail client with the owner’s email address.

Starting a Wave

How can I set up a wave?

It’s as easy as that: Click on «Start», choose your wave type and start filling the wave wizard. It doesn’t take long to complete the wizard information. Once completed you can publish the wave and now you are ready to start sharing it with the crowd.

Do I need a subscription to start a wave?

Do I need a subscription to start a wave? No, you can start for free – but you have to be registered as user. The free plan has limits though – once you reach a certain wave visitor volume or if you want to get access to more functionality you can always upgrade to a premium plan. However, if you already know from the start that you have premium plan requirements we highly recommend to purchase a plan that matches your needs from the beginning. Click here to get to plans & pricing.

How do I start a wave when it is ready?

You start your wave sharing it with a starter group which is based on your contacts. For this you use the standard referral resp. sharing button on your wave page – you can post the wave on social networks and send emails to your friends and colleagues. As you may want to have a sizeable email starter group we highly recommend to create a startergroup in your account («group») and upload contacts to this group («contacts») – see here.

Who will I reach with my wave?

The audience for your wave is, to a large extent, generating itself on the basis of the starter group. It is an intelligent network where every participant selects the next recipients based on the wave topic, target and motivation (reward). In addition to this startergroup-based crowd you can also win wave participants through the yawave discovery – these are yawave users that browse the discovery page and join your wave because they are interested in your wave. We do not offer or sell contact data from other waves or wave owners.

What type of rewards can I offer?

For the standard wave wizards the benefit types (reward) and boosters (distribution logic) are pre-set. For example in a search wave such as a recruiting wave the reward is money equally distributed along the successful referral chain. For a mobilization wave you can define what you want to offer (e.g. cinema vouchers) for the top ranked wave promoters, i.e. those wave participants that helped you most to achieve your goal. If you have access to custom solutions (starting with business plan) you can also customize both the wave benefits and boosters – and you can combine different incentives.

Can I limit the visibility of wave participants?

Yes, in some wave types (and in customized waves or course) you can define a visibility rule. For example, if you limit the visibility to just direct contacts, every wave participant will only see his parents (contacts that sent him the wave) and his children (contacts he shared the wave with). Beyond these direct contacts he can still see the number of people but no personal information about who it is. Such a limitation might be appropriate for more sensitive waves.

How can I make the wave bigger?

From experience we know that the following 3 factors drive wave success: content, incentive, and activity. People like to share attractive content – something that is emotional, new, or simply relevant for the target audience. We can also observe that attractive, relevant rewards drive wave dynamic. And finally, you as wave owner are the main driver of your wave’s success: keep the wave alive with for example posting updates (steer - updates), sending reactivation messages to passive contacts, sending a «thank you» note to people who shared your wave (supporters). Make use of the data yawave provides!


How can I terminate my subscription?

Terminating can be done easily with the terminate button in your account. You can terminate anytime as long as you have all waves completed (no active waves or waves still being settled). You will have full access to the actual subscription plan until the end of your subscription term.

Do you offer non-profit discounts?

While we don’t have standard discounts for non-profit or educational organizations, we do offer a discount when you sign up for an longer-term subscription (minimum one year). Please contact us for a non-profit discount.

What if I my visitors are growing beyond my plan’s limit?

Your plan is flexible. When you purchase your subscription plan you can define how you want to handle exceeding of visitors limit. You can choose «pay-as-you-go» - in this case you will be charged only for additional visitor volume and you make sure your wave keeps going. Or you choose to stop the wave and be notified, in which case you can still purchase additional volume and keep the wave going.

What timeframe should i choose?

With a one month duration you have highest flexiblity. But with longer durations you can benefit from discounts – and keep in mind that on average a wave / campaign lasts 2-3 months (also count in setup and analysis time).

Can I downgrade, for example from Enterprise to Business?

Sure, you can easily downgrade with the modify button in your account as long as you have all waves completed that you started in your previous subscription plan. Your downgrading will be effective when your current subscription terms ends.

Can I upgrade also while I have active waves?

Yes. You can easily upgrade with the modify button in your account – for example to allow for more visitors or to get access to additional functionality. In this case the upgrade will be effective immediately (please note that for running waves the incentive fee is defined by the subscription plan at moment the wave had been started).

Do you offer a free trial?

It’s free to set up an account and create a wave with up to 100 visitors – which is sufficient to get a wave going or test the functionality. But once your wave grows beyond this, you’ll need to choose a premium plan. Please also keep in mind that if you set a wave reward even for a free wave we charge an incentive fee of 50% (percentage of reward issued) in case of success.

Can I make a payment by invoice?

We are happy to provide invoicing on our annual and Business / Enterprise plans. Contact us to setup payment by check or bank transfer. We do not offer monthly invoicing.

What payment types are accepted?

We accept the credit cards MasterCard, VISA and American Express. Our payment is operated by stripe.com, a global leading payment service. Stripe meets and exceeds the most stringent industry standards for security. You can learn more about the technical details of Stripe's secure infrastructure here.

Trust & Privacy

Where does yawave host its data?

The wave data is being hosted in Switzerland.

Does yawave re-use wave contact data for other waves?

No, the wave data is primarily used and re-used for other waves by its wave owner. We do not offer or sell such data to other wave owners as we acknowledge that the generated wave date is a key asset for the wave owner.

How can I report abuse?

You can access the report abuse form in personal menu («report wave abuse»). Please fill the form. The wave owner will receive a notification and will then decide if he wants to block the user in his wave. We will also receive a copy and decide if based on the abuse we will block a user from yawave services overall. If we find entire waves that abuse the system, we don't hesitate to suspend them.


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