"Our mission is clear: to strengthen the backbone of Switzerland: SMEs. We provide practical support and want to get into dialogue with them as early as possible. In doing so, RUZ positions itself as a consulting, networking and event platform for SMEs from industry and commerce. With yawave, our reach has doubled. Via link publication, the content of a page is automatically duplicated. Our speakers share the publication and thus increase the reach. As a result, our events are booked out much faster." Logo Patricia Zeithammel
Marketing & Communications, Raiffeisen Entrepreneur Center RUZ

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The Raiffeisen Entrepreneur Center (RUZ) wants to engage with its target group, small and medium-sized enterprises, as early as possible and get them onto its platform. But how do you reach them quickly and efficiently?

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The automatic publishing capabilities of the yawave content suite save time and effort and quickly disseminate the RUZ's content to its network of speakers.

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Doubling of reach and thus significantly faster booking of events.
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